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Project Description
A jacked up perfmon tool

Have an idea for how this could be better? let me know !!

Feedback will encourage me to work on this :)

NEW BRIGHT IDEA: so I got thinking about it and decided I'd like it to support other systems (monitoring of ESX for example) and am now looking at creating a plugin system so its easy to add other monitoring types. I'll be looking at using Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) to utilize plugins for different monitoring systems.

Here is a high level view of the communication design.

A multi tab / multi chart performance monitor with template system for quick monitoring of systems (SQL/AD whatever)

gladly take some help with this.

This is the demo version. the UI design for production release will be different. This just demo's the actually tab/chart setup.

ToDo List

Current Major Tasks:
  • Serialize Control to allow templates
  • Allow template to be applied to multiple systems at once
  • Connect Remote Systems


  • only one series highlighted per tab (should be per chart)
  • counter list doesnt expand/select correctly.
  • series go out of view

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